Onsite made Kitchens Vs. Modular Kitchen

Understand what is on-site made Kitchen?

You have existing  Kitchen Platform made out of Marble with Granite Counter-top which comes with the flat given by the builder. On top of this existing platform you add Trolleys, cabinets and shutters by making everything on site by carpenters. All the carpentry work is done as per the available measurements on site. Because of non-standard sizes of cabinets and modules, this type of work cannot be done in factory.

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Advantages of on-site made Kitchen:

  • The existing kitchen platform can be retained without breaking and this saves some money.
  • No pre-ordering or pre-planning is required from the catalogue of the Vendor and decisions can be changed or altered during the process of making.
  • You can get cabinets , units and storages that are custom made to your exact specifications and as per site measurements.
  • you will be witnessing the entire process of making of your kitchen and hence there won’t be any surprises at the end.
  • You will be able to get the custom-created heights , depths and widths to match your existing appliances or utensils.
  • The cost can be controlled and normally its less than that of a modular kitchen.
  • You can keep control over the quality of material, if you are handling the purchases and supply by yourself.
  • Customisation and alterations can be accommodated as per change in the decisions and measurements.
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Disadvantages of on-site made Kitchen:

  • Because of using the existing platform which can be in Granite or Marble , the entire kitchen colour scheme has restrictions.
  • The final costs may vary from the budgeted cost .There can be hidden costs as carpenters will not tell you the exact material costs at the start.
  • Timelines may not be maintained due to labour or material availability and supply.
  • The quality and finish of final work depends on the skills of the labourers.
  • Finishes will not be perfect and precise as the work is done by hand.
  • Factory made machine techniques like edge-banding, post forming or membrane pressed finished shutters etc may not be possible.
  • Due to on-site carpentry work the existing flooring or tiling of the kitchen may get damaged during the process of work.
  • The cabinets / modules cannot be dismantled and take anywhere else as they are created for a particular space.
  • The neighbours may complain about the noise, waste material , dust and mess because of labours transit because labours may stay on site in such cases.
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Understand what is a modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen means a modern and flexible way to design your kitchen , allowing you to choose a variety of cabinets for different functions which come in “modules” – pre-manufactured cabinets and accessories . The modules are available in different sizes which can suit various functions depending on which area of the kitchen you would choose to use the module. They are also available in any number of colours, styles and finishes and in different pre-determined styles. A modular kitchen is highly customisable you can select the cabinet layouts and types to meet your storage needs in the kitchen. The entire work is factory-made and brought to the site and assembled.

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Advantages of a Modular kitchen:

  • As everything is factory made, there is no mess at the site unlike onsite made kitchen. There is no  chances of  breaking of flooring or wall tiles.
  • You will get perfect factory made finishes with neat edges and accurate dimensions.
  • The cost estimates given to you will not change unless the requirements are altered.
  • What you see in the 3D visualisation, the final product will be almost same and there is no guesswork and absolutely no hidden surprises.
  • You will get maximum functionality, as the sizes of the cabinets are matched to the accessories available in the market.
  • Quality ,durability and user experiences are satisfactory and high in performance.
  • Timelines are realistic and can be easily maintained as factory work is very quick.
  • Assembly at site takes just a days and no issues of waste material , dust , noise and messy site.
  • The cabinets can be dismantled and re-used elsewhere.
  • It’s a hazel free process. Once the design is finalised and the advance payments are made , you won’t be involved in the process of execution of work at the factory or at the site.
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Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen:

  • It’s a bit expensive than the on-site made Kitchen.
  • As everything is made in the factory , there is no assurance of the quality of material used as the inside material for cabinets will not be visible once finished.
  • The existing kitchen platform cannot be utilised.
  • All storage requirements , utility needs, kitchen appliances and electrical switches has to be pre decided and cannot be changed later.
  • No alteration and revisions are possible later , and if so then it has extra cost and time.
  • Due to all wood work in the kitchen counter , the sink area water seepage needs to be controlled so that it doesn’t spoil the wood work.
  • There could be unused pockets of space may be left out in the design , as the cabinet modules come in prefixed sizes.
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We hope this will help you to take an appropriate decision about which type of kitchen is the best for your needs. Modular kitchens are hazel free and stylish and hence its more popular but if you have a carpenter team which is skill-full and deliver an excellent quality at a very competitive price, then you should definitely consider onsite made Kitchen option.

Now that you know the basics of the  modular Kitchen Vs. Onsite Made Kitchen take a look at your requirements , budget and space available and see which will suit your needs the best. If you need any help with your kitchen design, Please connect with our team at Architect -Nilesh Sawant and get the advice you need to make your kitchen customisable, eco-friendly and functional.

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