How to choose your designer

Do you want to get your house done, but are you confused on how to choose your architect? How do you actually check his credibility?

It’s indeed confusing, I agree. Well, relax; it’s not that difficult either. You will get your answers here. There are 7 secrets, which you should know before you appoint your architect or a designer for your project. When we talk about appointing an architect for the project, normally we all look at three basic things which are Cost, Quality and Time, but there are 7 pre-requisites that you should always check.  

1. Know your designer’s personality and his own design taste:

Before you shortlist your designer for your project you must ask yourself,”Does his personality appeal to you?” If the designer is not implementing his design for his house or office then his design has no meaning.

Just imagine your gym trainer instead of having a fit body, has a big tummy, would you like to hire him? Few designers may have design a signature design style, check if you like that style to avoid discomfort.

2. Past performance and Clients Testimony:

I don’t want to degrade any newcomer but in the field of design, experience does matter. Try to have a meeting with the designer to know how much experienced the designer is? Or how many similar interior design or architectural design projects has he done. Try to gather information about the designers past works.

3. Work Ethics:

The designer should follow some process or flow of work, so that both of you are clear about what is coming, in terms of project cost, payment schedule, rules and regulations, right from the early stage. You should make sure there are no violations of any local government regulations and society norms.

4. Teamwork and project execution:

A designer is a creative head who spearheads his team of junior designers, vendors and contractors. But this is limited to the designer himself. The execution will actually be done by the contractors and execution team. Try to have a designer with a skilled team on-site as well as good sourcing team of vendors and suppliers. This will ensure you the quality of material and final product at a moderate rate. Try to understand what kind of drawings and visual representations will be provided by the architect for execution.

5. Timely completion:

​Time is money, isn’t it? The design and built projects are a long process and hence the timely completion of such projects should be well planned before the project goes on site. This can be achieved if your architect has a design plan based on the estimated completion date discussed with you. Try to know the milestones like selection date, ordering date, delivery date of the material. There should be a check and balance system maintained by the designer to monitor the completion of milestones.

6. Quality of deliverables:

Quality of output is of utmost importance in any project and not just the design. A good designer always suggests good quality material of reputed brands which eliminates the frequent post project services and reworks. A good designer will always insist on the good quality of materials based on the available budget. The budget of the project should be treated as a Bible by the designer and its sanctity should be maintained until the completion of the project.

7. Project cost and Consultancy charges:

And the most important question is always, what is the entire project going to cost me?

Ask the designer for the detailed item rate quotation of the entire project. Check and agree on the designer’s consultancy charges ahead of the project kick-off. Ask your queries and ensure there are no hidden charges. Please bear in mind that any scope changes will result in additional costs which you must be prepared to bear. Understand and agree on the payment schedules.

After knowing these 7 secrets, I think you are well equipped to choose a designer. So choose a correct designer wisely and I will reach you with more tips, tricks and suggestions in my next blog.

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