Confused for Kitchen Counter & Cabinet Shutters?

A quick guide for Kitchen Counter & Cabinet Shutters.

Are you confused when it comes to making the right choice for your kitchen counter and overhead cabinet shutters? Kitchen shutters can make your modular kitchen look aesthetically beautiful and optimally organised.

A well thought and planned kitchen is always a dream for any house. Nowadays modular kitchens are trending. They are factory finished, perfectly designed for space and they look great and are very functional. Cooking in a modular kitchen is very convenient, as everything has its place, and it’s beautifully organised.

So let’s understand a bit about what is the modular kitchen? And what goes into the making of a modular kitchen?

It’s comprised of individual cabinets that are factory-crafted and assembled at the site. They can also be taken apart just as easily and reassembled at another site; therein lays the unique functionality of a modular system! Each cabinet is made up of the central carcass, which has an inner box made up of a core material like marine plywood or MDF, and an outer shutter. What you see on the outside is basically the outer shutter, and the choice of materials and finishes will define how your kitchen looks.

Is that’s what you are looking for? Then check out our handpicked collection of stunning kitchen shutter designs. Different type of Kitchen Cabinet Shutters is available in the market and they are made out of a mind-boggling variety of materials, each of which is available in a range of colours, textures and finishes. Following are the most popular ones.

Let’s see, what the different types of shutters available are.

1. Solid Wood Shutters.

While this cannot be considered a sustainable option these days, solid wood shutters have a beauty and charm that is unmatched. They are extremely expensive, as the wood is not easy to source due to the dwindling reserves of natural forests. The material used for the entire shutter is wood, and the exposed surface is polished with waterproof resin which acts as a protective layer while enhancing the richness of the underlying wood.

The natural grains of the wood add to the aesthetics of this shutter. Nowadays, reclaimed or recycled wood, a more eco-friendly options like Rubber wood, is often considered in the making of these shutters.

 2. Laminated Shutters

Undoubtedly the most popular material for shutters are laminated and are usually fixed on an MDF or plywood base.

Laminates come in a staggering array of colours and in natural finishes that mimic wood, stone, metal or brick. They are also available in high gloss, gloss, matte or textured finishes. You can count on them as they’re durable, smooth and moisture/scratch-resistant. The edges of the shutters are finished with PVC edge bindings, aluminium profiles. Pre-laminated boards are also available, where the laminate is pressed on the substrate during the manufacture of the board itself.

Laminates are the perfect choice for a kitchen as they are moisture-resistant and can withstand high temperatures. They are also very durable and easy to maintain, as they can be wiped clean very easily.

3. Veneer Shutters

Veneers are incredibly thin slices of natural wood that are pressed onto Plywood or MDF. They look just like real wood on the surface, and can be polished and finished to resemble solid wood at a fraction of the cost. The edges of the ply must be finished with wooden beading. Natural wood veneers of teak, oak and walnut in different shades and patterns are available. These veneer shutters need to be finished with polish/melamine or clear polyurethane (PU) coating liquid lacquer.

4. PVC Membrane Shutters

PVC membranes are thin foil sheets that are moulded on plywood or MDF boards. These shutters have a smooth finish, and as the membrane flows fluidly over carvings and grooves alike, it offers a seamless finish that has high water resistance. A classical panelled shutter with moulding can be done with a PVC membrane instead of using actual wooden material. Edge-banding is not required as all the edges are sealed by the membrane. They’re more expensive than laminate but lend a contemporary look to the kitchen landscape.

PVC membrane shutters have a super smooth finish and are water-resistant. However, they’re not heat-resistant and PVC membranes are available in limited varieties of wood finish or plain colours.

5. High-gloss PU Painted Shutters

As the name suggests, these shutters are simply made by painting the wooden / plywood / MDF boards or metal surfaces, with auto-coat paints, and then coated with clear polyurethane (PU) coating liquid lacquer.  When it dries, it forms a shiny and hard surface.   The surface finish is highly glossy and reflective and is available in a multitude of vibrant, glossy colours and shades and last for a long time. These shutters give a very modern and sleek look to the interiors. These shutters are waterproof, moisture, dust resistant and easy to clean as well. They show up fingerprints easily and therefore

6. Back Painted Glass Shutters with Aluminium Profiles.

The shutter frame is made above a very sleek, contemporary and minimalistic aluminium profile.

The panels in this aluminium shutter frame can be in transparent or frosted glass. These shutters give a very light appearance to the kitchen and make it appear more spacious than it is. They can be fitted with lift-up or sliding hinges, and is very durable and sturdy if handled well.

The plain glass can be replaced by a high-gloss back painted glass which gives a very unique and stylish appearance to a modern kitchen. The glass can also be printed with any design to match your preferred design aesthetic. When using glass shutters on lower cabinets, it is always better to use toughened glass so that it is more durable.

7.Metal Shutters and Rolling Shutters

Metal shutters are a popular choice for people who want to make their kitchen look airy and more spacious. They are very reflective and low maintenance but can be easily dented too if not taken care of properly.

Rolling shutters for the kitchen cabinets are used where openable shutters can create a problem.

E.g. a food processor cabinet touching the kitchen counter. They’re easy to work with and provide unobstructed access to all your kitchen essentials in the cabinet. Rolling shutters are also available in aluminium, PVC, acrylic and wood as well.

Would you like more help in selecting the right kind of shutters for your kitchen counter & cabinets? Please connect with our team at Architect – Nilesh Sawant and get the advice you need.

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